Erika Wanenmacher

Culture Witch

"where have you been, come to your senses"

The Ditch Witch Store

"Ditch Witch"

Linda Durham Contemporary ArtSanta Fe, New Mexico

The Science Club: The Boy's Room and Now, Forever, Then part 1 at The Boulder Museum Of Contemporary Art

"Coyote Taught Me to steal " at Claire Oliver Gallery, NYC, NY

"The Pursuit of Joy is a Radical Act" curated by Erika Wanenmacher


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Erika Wanenmacher is an artist who lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Described as a local maverick, her work has been shown nationally and internationally. Her work often investigates the conflicts between nature and culture, and a large body of work is derived from New Mexico's atomic history.

Erika working in Potsdam, Germany, 1998 on an installation titled "Hexenkrafte"

from a show titled "ship from the Desert"

sand painting, electric and solar-powered mini witch broom, tree branches, gouache on paper, datura, and found objects

Gifted with a skilled technical hand and a facility for adapting to new materials, her work is guided by the principles of alchemy and the belief that each object made is a spell- with the unlimited possibility for change and remediation.

Her work encompasses any and all materials and techniques including carved and painted wood, forged steel, cast aluminium, sand paintings, leaded glass, projected video,a propane-powered V-8 Volvo hot-rod, and ranges in scale from the intimate object to large-scale installation.

Erika's work is represented in Los Angeles, CA by Blythe Projects. Erika currently teaches sculpture at Santa Fe Community College.

Installation at sITE santa Fe titled "spell" , from the solo show "Grimoire", 2001

Propane-powered hot-rod Volvo, 20 ft diameter sand painting, cast aluminium heads, woven stainless and nickel net, projected video, audio

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