now, forever, then


The installation "now, forever, then" unpacks from these cases.


The installation has a cast bronze eyeball that projects video onto a ground glass screen.

The video, in the first part, shows the moon crossing the screen in various phases, cut with speeded up video of the setup of the installation, along with still photos.

The audio comes out of this speaker

The second half of the video is a spell of protection.

Click here for a link to the text of the audio's narrative that contains the spell, along with photos, published in the Summer/Fall 2008 issue of Santa Fe TREND magazine.


The alchemy box holds the magical tools and the elementals. It also contains all the original negatives that started this whole project and sequesters them. The center box has a compass built into it in order to lay out the four directions and set up the elements-Air, Fire, Water, Earth. The infinity box holds the Now, Forever, Then/Time Machine module.