Erika Wanenmacher

Coyote Taught me to steal

new sculptures

Claire Oliver Gallery

513 West 26th street, New York, New York 10001


January 18th-February 10th, 2007


I have invited my allies and helpers to join me in this new body of work. Coyote: the Trickster, Hummingbird: fierce Warrior, Bee: Community, Datura and starling: Communication, are among the entities that have helped me in the past and continue to do so, imparting information that enriches and informs my path. As I consider each work of art I make to be a spell, all the work in this show has an invocation to share it's information with the larger world.

The work in this show is made using many different materials and techniques-carved and painted wood, cast bronze, stitched media, found objects, resin, and video-all in keeping with my philosophy of "the alchemy of the object". My concept for each work dictates my choice of material, and I channel the energy of the idea through the material and my hands to create the finished object. If I have done my job, the object carries the energy with which the idea was received and manifested, and passes it on to the viewer.

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These are just a couple of the books that I used while working on this show. I also would like to mention Lewis Hyde's book "The Gift", as it in the spirit of the gift that this work was done.

Thanks Benji!

and thanks to all who helped me, my community,

and mostly, Thanks scott!


2007 Erika Wanenmacher