Erika's Links

image from the video installation "Scrying: Nine of Swords"


Tom Jennings-awesome site,amazing work:


Mobilus Media-Ellen Spiro and Karen Bernstein, the film "Atomic Ed and the Black Hole", both Erika and Tom Jennings are featured in this film which is showing on HBO in August, 2003:


Linda Durham Contemporary Art-Representing the work of Erika Wanenmacher in New York City and Galisteo, New Mexico:


Jennifer Esperanza Photography-beautiful images:


"The Foolish Creator"-an article about Erika in the webzine Signum by Gregoryp, very cool:


Breszny's Freewill Astrology-great horoscopes, and Erika is listed under Rob's "Web of Allies-Pronoiac People"


If you haven't seen this web log (blog) from Iraq, you should...