The Pursuit of Joy is a Radical Act

a show curated by Erika Wanenmacher

July 10th-August 13th, 2005

Linda Durham Contemporary Art, Galisteo

12 La Vega, Galisteo, New Mexico 87540


gallery hours friday-sunday 1-5 PM

and by special appointment

I believe that the act of creating is an act of courage. As artists, we are responsible not only to the work that we make, but also to the community in which we live. It is our job not only to make the journey in a joyous fashion, but to distribute the beauty that we perceive and gather.

This show started as a conversation with Linda Durham and the statement- "The Pursuit of Joy is a Radical Act", which I borrowed from my friend Greta Shred and her zine "Mudflap". I've been using the phrase faithfully for the last few years, and it has become increasingly important to me. The conversation quickly led to assembling a group of people who I feel embody that statement. For me, the people came before the work, and the work is unified by the journeys that these artists are on. Some of the people were friends already, some I wished to know better. All are people who seem to radiate a core light that I am drawn to.

Every invitational show is by its' very nature exclusive. While that exclusivity is the least favorite aspect of curating for me, I hope this show is representative not only of people who's work deserves to be seen, but of a slice from the community of extraordinary artists who live and work in Santa Fe. This slice, albeit thin, curves through a group of artists whose ages span from 18 to 65, and who came to my mind rapidly when I considered the statement.

I really wanted to give a sense of the life of the artist's work. From teens and twenties, when you are invincible and know everything, thirties and forties, when family and the stuff of life are the struggle and reward, and fifties and beyond when, well, you watch the blooms on your apricot tree and feel the day move. This is the life.

The life's work of an artist IS radical. In these strange times we cannot simply "Follow our Bliss" as Joseph Campbell urged, we have to pursue it. The pursuit of joy: being human in your own skin, doing something that you are called to do in the face of all obstacles, is a radical act. One that I feel deserves celebrating.

The Artists:

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Phil Binaco

Melvin Detroit

Benji Geary

Daniella Miller


John Boyce

Noah DeVore

Chris Hilson

Stacey Neff

Erika Wanenmacher

Marina Brownlow

Pippa Garner

Michael Lujan

Sam Scott

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